Commercial Office Cleaners Job Description

Commercial Office Cleaners Job Description - Evolve Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaners Job Description

Are you pursuing a job related to office cleaning near me? There are many posts that perfectly describe this job, qualifications, salaries, education, and skills needed. Before you choose to become a professional in this field, make sure you understand your responsibilities well. Learning more about this position will help you determine whether it perfectly suits your needs. In this article, we provide a commercial office cleaners job description.

What does an Office Cleaner Do?

An office cleaner renders janitorial/cleaning services within office spaces. These professionals focus on cleaning workplaces, including dusting furniture, cleaning windows, emptying dustbins, cleaning restrooms, and other tasks that help to keep work spaces tidy. Anyone planning to pursue this career should understand the job description as outlined below.

Office Cleaner Job Description Example/Template

Most office cleaners engage in various janitorial services to ensure working spaces are neat. Their primary duty is to keep a safe and clean work environment. They also perform other tasks within offices, such as surface care responsibilities. Cleaning duties may be done regularly depending on the work spaces they have to clean. Having a job description template can help you understand more about this career.

Clear jobs descriptions in most companies include lists of jobs that one must perform. Service providers in this field offer vacuum services, floor care, mopping, spot-clearing, sweeping, and carpet cleaning. They also maintain damaged office chairs, tables, and counters. While repairing furniture, they perform other tasks, including dusting, cleaning, and spraying.

It is the responsibility of office cleaners to shop for sanitizing and cleaning materials. They may also have to stock boardroom and kitchen supplies to meet the needs of office operators. In case floors, furniture, windows require repair, commercial office cleaners can report to managers to ensure the work space gets restored. When you decide to pursue this career, you must be ready to perform the aforementioned responsibilities.

Office Cleaner Requirements

Before you apply for the office cleaner position, know the requirements needed, such as skills, education, knowledge, and career progression probability. With a high school diploma, you can easily apply for this position. Employers consider individuals who have at least the basic knowledge in commercial cleaning, including cleaning methods, chemicals and supplies, and understanding workplace safety measures.

Having extensive skills, such as detail-oriented, excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and physical dexterity can boost your chances of getting employed in this position. If you are a hiring manager looking for the right candidate for office cleaner position, you can use this information to publish a well-written job description.

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