What Is A Communal Area Cleaning Service?

What Is A Communal Area Cleaning Service? - Evolve Cleaning Services

What Is A Communal Area Cleaning Service?

If you work in a multi tenanted office, or if you live in a block of flats, there are common areas that everyone uses. This includes staircases, landings, TV rooms, shared halls, guard rails, office kitchens and bathrooms. These shared spaces are often the first areas that visitors come into contact with when they visit your office or home. That is why it is essential to keep them clean and tidy. If you are wondering what is a communal area cleaning service? This is a firm that takes care of these common areas and keeps them hygienic.

First impression matter a lot and when someone is visiting you and they take note of the dirty areas around your home or office, it might leave them with a negative impression about you. In addition, if a tenant is looking for a place to rent and they observe that the area around the flat is dirty, they might not want to rent there.

When you hire these sanitation firms, they will clean these areas. Not only will they dust, but they will also disinfect, polish and clean these areas. It is essential to clean these areas constantly as they experience high traffic on a regular basis, so they get dirty quite easily and quite quickly. The areas can also be deep cleaned from time to time.

When you hire these cleaners, expect them to clean bin areas, walls and even ceilings. These areas tend to get discolored quite quickly. They will also clean light fixtures, rails on stairs, lifts, signs and notices, laundry areas, lounges, receptions areas, internal and external window surfaces, guest rooms and even carpets. They will also scour door handles, toilet basins and waiting areas.

The cleaners will bring their own cleaning detergents to help them get rid of dirt and stains. If there are any areas that need special attention, for instance graffiti covered walls, let the service provider know, so that they can bring along the right cleaning agents.

Some of the people who hire these services include housing associations, property management companies and resident associations. You can discuss with the company the specific areas that you want them to clean, when hiring them.

It is important to keep your communal areas clutter free to avoid risks of accidents or fire. The cleaners are usually professional and well trained. Some wear uniforms and have badges that help to easily identify them. This reduces the security risk on the property, as they will be easily recognizable.

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